Are My Doubts Sinful?

Episode 167 Show Notes

Are My Doubts Sinful?

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Are we saved by how much we love?

Here are people who were saying, “look, we know we’re saved by grace, sort of, but you got to tack on circumcision and the dietary laws. It’s just Jesus plus…You need Jesus but you also need these other things– they’re not as important– but they’re important.”And Paul is saying, they don’t count for anything. Here’s the thing for the Christian life: what counts is faith working by love. The gospel produces faith, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. Then, faith clings to Christ for justification and begins immediately to bear the fruit of love and good works. But it’s the result, not the cause, of our justification before God. – Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. What encouragement would you have for people suffering for the gospel in places where the church isn’t allowed to gather without persecution?

2. In another episode, you talked about doubts as not being sinful. This is completely different from what I heard growing up. Can you explain this more?

3. Should Christians set boundaries that keep us separate from the world and bad churches?

4. How can we look forward to Jesus’ return and stay positive even as we see the culture going drifting away from God and the church struggling to be faithful?

5. Are we saved by faith working through love? From my understanding, that means that faith is really the same thing as being faithful and that though we are saved now, we will ultimately be finally saved only if we love. I would really appreciate your help because I’m actually a little nervous because when I think about how good of I am as a person, I’m not sure if I love enough for God to finally save me.


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