Does Becoming Holy Require Our Effort?

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Does Becoming Holy Require Our Effort?

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Does becoming holy require our effort?

So, you think after you finish Romans 6, “well, then I should be able to live above all known sin!” It's such an upbeat chapter- and then there’s chapter 7. You read Paul saying, ‘the very things I don't want to do I keep on doing, the things I don't want to do I keep on doing, O wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from this body of death? O thanks be to God through Jesus Christ.’ So, it's almost like it's two different theologies: chapter six is this triumphant victorious Christian living, and then chapter seven is a real downer. The thing we have to remember here is he's not talking about two different Christians; a victorious Christian living in Romans six, and the other, a defeated, or carnal, Christian living in Romans seven- he's describing himself. The same person. At the same time. You and I don't go through periods where we're either Romans 6 victorious Christians, or Romans 7 carnal Christians, we are simultaneously justified and sinful throughout our entire lives, throughout our entire life. We're always going to be imperfect, we're always going to be battling indwelling sin, and yet, we are justified and holy in Jesus Christ. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Will we ever reach perfection in this life?

2. What have you seen to be one of the more important parts of helping kids to understand the gospel?

3. When Jesus rose, he asked for food. Why would he be hungry?






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