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Does God Ever Tell Us That We’re With The Wrong Person?

aired June 22, 2020

Episode 471 Show Notes 

From the Show

Many people are unsure of what to look for in a spouse. God’s word is clear that as believers, we should only pursue relationships with those who are in the faith, those who are Christians. Paul talks about this in 1 Corinthians chapter 7. So, if this guy that your dating, if your boyfriend isn’t a Christian, I would say yes, you probably shouldn’t be pursuing a romantic relationship with him. But God doesn’t ordinarily shine a light from heaven on the person that we are supposed to marry; he gives us the freedom and calls us to use wisdom in making our decision.

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. I have a dear friend who is a devout Mormon who believes she is a Christian. Now, I’m a Christian, and we were in a conversation the other day and she was talking about “the Prophet.” How do I witness to my friend? She believes in Jesus Christ and talks about how Jesus Christ is her savior, but I know that Mormonism is a cult. 

2. What does Isaiah mean when in Isaiah 64:6 he says,  “All our righteous acts are as filthy rags”? 

3. Why wasn’t Joseph at Jesus’ crucifixion? Any explanation will be of much help. 

4. Why was one of Noah's sons cursed and not the others? 

5. Does God ever tell us that we're with the wrong person, other than what is written in the Bible? Over a year ago, I walked into a lecture hall and I got the weirdest sense that I was supposed to be with someone I saw in the room. I dismissed the thought immediately. I'm happy with my partner. We are dating not married, and I don't want things to change. But the feeling kept coming back, so I prayed for wisdom and read the Bible. I then prayed for the feeling to go away. Now, I just feel stressed. I can't shake the sense that this isn't the life I'm intended to live, and I'm with the wrong person. I thought this feeling would go away once the semester was over, but it's been over a year. Does God ever do things like this?


Knowing God by J. I. Packer 

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