Does God Judge Us for Our Past Sins?

Episode 268 Show Notes 

From the Show

In Christ’s life, death, and resurrection we have his righteousness credited to us. Therefore, the law cannot, will not, declare us condemned. But the Lord disciplines the ones he loves.

— Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. If God desires to save everyone as the Bible clearly teaches, then why does he allow people to choose hell?

2. What does it mean for Christians to be new creations? What exactly is new about us?

3. How can you tell if God is disciplining or judging a person? Does God judge us for our past sins even after we repent?

4. Where do I find a gospel-centered church? I think the church has gotten too seeker friendly and even in mainstream churches there is a lot of theological error. I look at statements of faith and this has been quite a while and I have given up. Most churches only have a Sunday service and I don’t see much ongoing discipleship or fellowship.





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