Does Scripture Teach We Are Judged By Works?

Episode 116 Show Notes 

Does Scripture Teach We Are Judged By Works?

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If we’re saved my grace, why does Matthew indicate that our judgement is based on works of mercy?

When Jesus says to the sheep that they cared for ‘my brothers and sisters in prison’ (persecuted Christians), the sheep are stunned. That's what's so interesting. “When did we do this, when did we see you naked and in prison and we clothed you and care for you?” They weren't working for a reward, obviously. They were just loving their brothers and sisters out of true faith, they weren't even aware when Jesus said you've done all these things. In contrast, when Jesus tells the goats that they didn't love the suffering brothers and sisters, they protest, “when did we see you in prison and didn't take care of you?” And Jesus says, “in as much as you didn't do it for these, you didn't do it for me.” Jesus is preparing his disciples for persecution. To acknowledge Christ publicly is also to acknowledge his brothers and sisters publicly. They're now our brothers and sisters, even in the face of persecution and possible martyrdom. We have to stand up with them and we have to reach out to them with love and help. Imagine a Christian showing up to prison to encourage brothers and sisters, maybe to bring them some bread. Their good deeds demonstrate that they've been redeemed, justified, adopted, and sanctified. — Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. Paul says that he came to consider everything as loss for the sake of Christ. How can we come to that same conclusion?

2. Can a Christian have full assurance of salvation in this life?

3. Is it possible to be saved by following our conscience or the light that is within us,
that God has given to each one of us in knowing right from wrong?

4. What does Paul mean in Ephesians 4:29 when he says, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths"?

5. How does salvation by grace alone square away with passages about discipleship?

6. If we are saved by grace, why does Matthew 24 indicate that our salvation is based on
works of mercy that we did in our lifetime?


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