Does the Bible Teach Us to Hang Out with Sinners or Not?

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Does the Bible Teach Us to Hang Out with Sinners or Not?

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Does the Bible teach us to hang out with sinners or not?

A great passage to go to here is 1 Corinthians 5 where the apostle Paul says to the Corinthians that they need to get their act together and discipline people in the church who are living flagrantly immoral lives. We all sin and we all need to be admonished and we all need to be exhorted to good works…What is ironic these days is we have it backwards. We want to judge the world for being worldly when very often the church is worldly and we won't exercise church discipline. We need to get our own house in order…The church is often inwardly a mess and unwilling to clean up its own mess while pointing the finger at outsiders. Paul says, no it's just the opposite-who am I? I'm not in any position to judge outsiders. That's Christ's judgment that will come at the last judgment. No no no, we're talking about what you do when a brother or a sister says, "I'm a Christian, I'm a member of this church, I have a right to all the privileges of salvation, but I have absolutely no problem living an unrepentant, immoral lifestyle. In that case, Paul says, don't give them the mis-impression that they are part of the kingdom of Christ. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. In the Bible Jesus often hung out with sinner yet the Bible tells us in other places that we shouldn’t associate with the sexually immoral or drunkards.  Is Jesus an exception to this because he is God?

2. How does someone become saved?

3. Is there are such a thing as guardian angels? Is it Scriptural?

4. How do you understand Ephesians 4:9?  This passage really stumps me. What is the descending that is being talked about here?

5. What does it look like to be filled with the Spirit? How do you know if you have received the Spirit or are quenching the Spirit?

6. In Revelation 7:13-14, are the white Robes literal or are they symbols revealing a deeper meaning? I heard a pastor talk about the robes being symbols for righteousness. What do you think?


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