How Do I Move Past My Agnostic Beliefs?

Episode 246 Show Notes 

How Do I Move Past My Agnostic Beliefs?

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How do I move past my agnostic beliefs?

All the preaching that just sort of tells you what you need to do, how you need to break these addictions, and ‘if you just take one prayer-pill or one Bible-pill you'll be better in the morning,’ those are superficial views of sin and superficial views of doubt and superficial views, consequently, of the Gospel, which is the remedy. You need a deeper understanding of the plight, a deeper understanding of the solution, and a deeper understanding of the evidence that there is for [the Gospel] to be pulled out the agnosticism that's natural to all of us, so that we can fix our eyes on Christ, the author, and finisher of our faith. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. I hear a lot on the radio about addictions and the Lord Jesus Christ and his relation to God and submitting to God and finding direction. I would like to hear more in guiding my way out of agnostic belief and finding a path

2. In John 2:19 Jesus refers to his body as a temple. Is this the same thing that Paul means when he calls believers temples of the Holy Spirit?

3. At what point does something become a non-disputable matter? At what point over doctrine should we separate?

4. Some Christians are really concerned to reach out to people and talk about being all things to all people. I’m generally encouraged by an approach that puts evangelism first but how can we do this without getting caught up in the world and the culture?

5. What did John mean when he called Jesus “the Word made flesh”? Is this verse teaching that God became a man?






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