How Do I Recover the Joy of Being a Christian?

Episode 250 Show Notes 

How Do I Recover the Joy of Being a Christian?

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How can I recover joy?

Paul tells us in Romans 5:1, “Having therefore been justified by His blood, we have peace with God.” Now, that's not the Eagle’s “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” that's not subjective, the feeling of peace, its objective. Literally, a peace treaty between two warring nations. We have a peace treaty, we have a truce- not just a truce actually, a peace has been made everlastingly between you and God through the blood of Jesus Christ. Isn’t that something to hang on? Don't go climbing up to Christ, “as if to bring him down,” as Paul says in Romans 10. And don't go searching for him in the depths, even in the depths of your heart. Instead, look outside of yourself and run and flee to Jesus Christ. Paul says find him where he's promised to meet you. That is, in His Word. If you really want joy, it's going to come from His Word. Feelings come and go, but Christ is the rock we stand on, not on the shifting sands of our own experience. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. I have a friend who is really into new age teachings and in a conversation she mentioned Psalm 82:6 where it says that we are "gods, sons of the Most High" as evidence that the Bible teaches that each of us have god within ourselves. I know that her interpretation can’t be right, but I don’t know how to make sense of this passage.

2. How do we know what signs are the correct signs for Jesus' second coming? Do you have any advice on how to better read the signs of Jesus' return?

3. In this time in life it feels like I lost the joy I used to have as a Christian. How can regain the joy I used to have?

4. In 1 Corinthians 15 is Paul saying that our bodies will be something different from being a physical body?

5. Can you explain Jeremiah 23:5 where it describes the Messiah as executing justice and righteousness? Is this something that is supposed to happen in the future or has Jesus begun to rule as a king in justice and righteousness?






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