How Do We Glorify God If We Are In Agony All The Time?

Episode 444 Show Notes 

From the Show

One of the things we learn from Job’s friends is that sometimes, especially one someone is going through suffering, it’s better to just be silent. When someone is going through something that’s very difficult, you will not always have the answer and it can be harmful to use these clichés: “just trust God and everything will be better…”

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. I'm having some trouble understanding how to read the book of Job, or how it bears witness to Christ. Is Job actually blameless or is he a sinner that deserves God's judgment? Job seems to go back and forth between how he sees himself before God. Additionally, I've heard it said that Job's friends are giving him bad advice. Are we not to read the passages of Job's friends' words about God's character as true? 

2. If you have a family that takes advantage of you financially in every which way, taking not only from me, but my mom and my sisters, what's the break-off? We're all Christians. My brother has just come to know the Lord, and the other day used the scriptures against me, saying give to the poor. He's not well off, but he's always lived off of other individuals. His need is tugging at my heart, and it’s not easy. 

3. We are a young couple in our early twenties, and my wife is suffering from a terrible chronic illness, often known as the most painful diagnosis medically known, called CRPS, dubbed the "suicide disease". Her entire body is in searing pain through her nerves and skin, and there is nothing that any doctors worldwide can do to alleviate the pain. She is bedridden and in agonizing pain every hour, day and night. I feel like I am going insane watching my bride burn up and call out in writhing pain. Through this, our faith feels like it's in a very barren, lonely desert.  Why would God not extend his mercy to give even a small degree of relief, never mind healing? And how do we glorify God in our life when she literally feels like she is dying? 

4. How do you know which is the true day of worship? You have some claiming it to be Sunday, and some claiming it to be Saturday. What does the bible say about this? 


A Place for Weakness: Preparing Yourself for Suffering by Michael Horton

Putting Amazing Back into Grace: Embracing The Heart Of The Gospel by Michael Horton

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