How Does the Story of Samson Point Us to Christ?

Episode 216 Show Notes 

How Does the Story of Samson Point Us to Christ?

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How does Samson point us to Christ?

In the case of Samson, it shows us that we need a better judge. Samson is a Nazarite,  which means he wasn’t supposed to drink wine or touch anything dead, but he breaks the rules over and over again. In the end, he's overcome by the Philistines, blinded and tortured and in his death, he deals one last blow to the enemies of God. Jesus wasn't a Nazarite, but he was from Nazareth, and unlike Samson, he was a perfectly righteous judge. Yet, in the end, he too is bound by the enemies of God, not for his sin, but for yours. And in his death, like Samson, he conquered the enemies of God, not the Philistines, but sin, death, Satan. Samson's failures highlight how much we need Jesus. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. What does it look like when the Bible says that we should be angry and not sin? And how might this apply to a person who struggles with anger?

2. How does Samson point us to Christ?

3. My son was killed in a car accident and I worry about him and his salvation. We are of the Catholic faith. My Son was baptized and confirmed. But I don't really know what he believed, and I worry about him.

4. Romans 3 teaches that no one seeks God and that no one is righteous. I want to believe the Bible, but it seems like Paul is being hyperbolic since it seems like unbelievers can still do a lot of good in the world and many people really do seek God.

5. How am I supposed to understand how miracles work in the Bible when they seem so untrue?






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