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Core Christianity: Tough Questions Answered

How Should I Share My Faith With My Atheist Friends?

aired September 3, 2018

Core Christianity Episode 1

From the Show

What the world needs to see is not us at our best but what happens when we are at our worst. For people to see us kneeling, asking God for forgiveness, asking those we have wronged (including our own spouses) for forgiveness, in front of our children—as you say Adriel that itself is a gift to them. This says, "yes we are sinners, but we don’t just hide our sin or think that it’s okay." We bring it to the cross. We are forgiven, and now we ask for the Holy Spirit to strengthen us to go on. —Michael Horton  

Questions in this Episode

1. How am I to engage with my skeptic friends, while acknowledging that there are some stories in the Bible that seem extremely far-fetched?

2. How much, if any, should Christians participate in debates on social media?

3. How do I teach my kids about the gospel or do family devotions after arguing with their mother without appearing hypocritical?

4. How can we help guide those in our churches away from the wrong "make it or break it" topics to the right ones?

5. What does "according to his works" mean in Romans 2:6-8 in regards to us getting eternal life? Isn’t Paul contradicting himself in Galatians 2:16, “by works of the law no one will be justified”?



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