How to be a Fearless Witness in a Fearful Time

Episode 429 Show Notes 

Note: In today's show, we announced an upcoming change to our show. Read more about it here.

From the Show

One of the things that we have said many times on this program is, we don’t do the gospel. We don’t lead people to Jesus by just doing nice things. People need to hear the gospel, the message of the forgiveness of sins. But what I have found is that as you love your neighbors, as you go out of your way to minister to them, to care for their needs, to live in such a way that people realize, they say, “wow this person really care about me,” what it does is that it opens doors for you to be able to share that message in a way that is compelling.

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. Is the idea of glorification biblical? I have heard people talk about this, but I thought that we are supposed to give all glory to God. How is it that we would somehow share in that glory or obtain glory?

2. How can I be a good witness to Christ during this time of fear and social distancing?

3. My brother grew up in the Christian church but married a Jehovah’s Witness 15 years ago and although he did not convert, he allows her to raise their 3 kids as witnesses. He did not renounce his beliefs but fell away from going to church. He is now going to the meetings with his family and references God as ‘Jehovah.’ I am very close to my brother and his family, loving them dearly. I have a strong Christian faith, which they know, but struggle with how to witness to them. My heart breaks for them and I pray for them all the time. Would love and appreciate a little biblical insight and advice. Thanks for all you do!

4. What is grace?

5. If God doesn’t savingly love everyone, then how can I know He loves me? Do I gauge it by my performance? 


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