I Constantly Struggle With Lust. Is There Hope For Me?

Episode 186 Show Notes 

I Constantly Struggle With Lust. Is There Hope For Me?

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I live in a constant state of lust. What can save me from eternal damnation??

The first thing is that you need to hear the gospel. Now, I know that that sounds counterintuitive, someone might say, “Horton, that's a terrible answer. The first thing you should say to him is that he's hanging on by a thread if he's a true Christian at all.” But how does scripture answer that question? I think of 1st Corinthians, I was just saying a moment ago, 1st Corinthians is a disciplinary letter. Paul spends much of the letter telling this out of control church that it needs to get its act together; it's leading a completely careless existence as a church, there's no church discipline, no self-control, and yet he starts by first of all addressing the church as “holy in Jesus Christ,” and then says, You need to hear the gospel again, let me tell you the gospel again. Christ is our righteousness; he's our holiness he's our redemption…. 

Should we sin that grace may abound? Romans 6:1, “heaven forbid,” he says, “For how shall we who have died to sin, live any longer in it.” He doesn't say, “well, be careful, you're gonna lose your salvation.” He says, "No, wait. If you've been baptized into Christ, and you've been baptized into his death for the forgiveness of sins, but into his resurrection for new life. Right? If you are in Christ you are a new creature just as surely as you are forgiven and justified. You are also in a new person. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. How should Christians respond to Old Testament laws that call us to stone people in the Old Testament?

2. Do you think it is helpful for Christians to take personality tests? And do you think that our Spiritual gifts are in any way tied to our personalities?

3. How much power does Satan have?

4. I live in a constant state of lust over my girlfriend. What can you tell us to save us from eternal damnation?

5. What would you say to someone who struggles to believe the gospel? I have been going to church most of my life and I grew up hearing the gospel but I have never believed it?


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