Is My Family Suffering From a Generational Curse?

Episode 326 Show Notes 

From the Show

In the Old Covenant it was the case that if you are suffering from a particular illness or malady or misfortune it could be because of your parents sin. And when the pharisees asked Jesus, concerning the blind man, “who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?” Jesus didn’t say, “that, you didn’t get from the Bible.” He says, “nether this man nor his parents but for the glory of God he was born blind so that I could heal him today” But it was certainly the case that people did have generational curses under the Old Covenant the problem is, here again, people read Old Covenant histories and promises and conditions and just apply it to themselves as if we were under the Old Covenant and we’re not. We’re under the New Covenant were Ezekeil clearly says the New Covenant won’t be like the Old Covenant; it’s not going to be that case that your going to have generational curses.

—Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. In another episode you have encouraged Christians struggling with sin to look to Christ. What does it mean to look to Christ? I’m struggling with a certain sin in my life and would really like to understand you better.

2. It seems like my family is suffering from a generational curse. Is there any way to get out of it? Is there a spiritual solution?

3. Acts 7:56 says that Jesus is standing at the right hand of God but every week I confess that Jesus is seated at the right hand of God. What is the discrepancy here?

4. I have been listening to the show for a while and have always wondered about how to understand the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament. Is the Angel of the Lord Jesus? And if it is Jesus what does that mean since Jesus wasn’t born yet?

5. What is the difference between the kingdom being inaugurated and consummated? I have heard you talk about this before but I’m not sure how to understand this. Thanks.


Introducing Covenant Theology by Micheal Horton

Journeys with Jesus: Every Path in the Bible Leads Us to Christ by Dennis E. Johnson


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