Must Confession Be Exhaustive In Order to Be Effective?

Episode 460 Show Notes 

From the Show

When it comes to breaking the back of sexual sin, confession and accountability is so important. And I praise Jesus that he has given you progress in this area. Keep putting the sin to death though. John Owen, the famous puritan writer, he put it best I think when he said, “Be killing sin or sin will be killing you.”

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. What biblical wisdom can you provide for tithing and giving during job loss or the loss of regular income? How can an individual honor the Lord with their finances where they are living off of savings for a time or receiving unemployment?

2. I have a question about communion. I’ve gone to a Catholic church and I’ve gone to a Christian church. I noticed that in the Catholic church, they take communion every day, but in the Christian church I went to, they only took it once a month. Is there really a big difference between that? 

3. My question is regarding confession of sin. By God's grace, for almost two years now I’ve died to pornography and other immoral actions and trying to hide my sins. I've repented to the Lord, and I confessed to my wife these sins, including many sinful thoughts I’ve had in the past as well as just the darkness I was in. However, in my heart I still feel unsettled and unforgiven because I continue to remember more bad thoughts I used to entertain or some I’ve had recently. I don’t know if I need to continue to confess these same things to my wife? I know it can be a burden because I'm living in the past, and we can never move forward because I feel the need to exhaustively confess every terrible thing I've thought or done in the past. I just need some guidance if my thinking is off in this or if I should be trying to exhaustively confess everything to my wife.


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