Restoring Those Who’ve Fallen Away From Christ

Episode 121 Show Notes 

Restoring Those Who've Fallen Away From Christ

From the Show

Is Romans 8 talking about the salvation of the natural world?

How can you express the momentous turning point in history from the old creation to the new creation? It’s beyond words. So you draw on cataclysmic natural signs for images of its historical magnitude. That's how apocalyptic literature works. In 2nd Peter 3, Peter is describing the Last Judgment in the most earth-shattering, see there, I'm using apocalyptic language, the most earth-shattering way possible as the earth melting and laying everything bare. Well, that's exactly what will happen in history when Jesus returns; everyone's deeds will be exposed and in Revelation 21, we have a snapshot of the whole period between Christ's to two comings. The old age of sin and death is passing away right now, Paul tells us that, and the new creation has dawned with Christ's resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit who raises sinners from spiritual death to life. So, Revelation 21 is saying exactly the same thing as 2nd Peter 3. Romans 8 isn't apocalyptic literature. Paul is simply describing in literal terms what we can expect in the future. And it's a hope to cling to when we see suffering all around us, our decaying bodies, the whole creation that's been taken along for the ride since the fall into corruption. But, just as the creation has shared in our folly, it will share in our liberation.  — Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. Is it Biblical to say that we are saved by love and not by law?

2. How do you maintain hope in the face of all the confusion in the church today?

3. Is Romans 8 talking about the salvation of the natural world?

4. Does union with Christ mean that we eventually become absorbed into God?


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