Should Christians Abstain From Television and Movies?

Episode 152 Show Notes 

Should Christians Abstain From Television and Movies?

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Should Christians abstain from television and movies? 

Look, if you're a Christian who is okay with watching certain things on TV, don't go and make others feel bad, or like they're out of touch with the times because they're not bingeing on your favorite Netflix series. — Adriel Sanchez

There's a reverse legalism in circles where they’re kind of reacting against legalism, and now imposing their own demand that other people have their free conscience about these matters. — Michael Horton 

That's right. And it really can be a stumbling block for other brothers and sisters; we have to exercise sensitivity here to others, to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and also to our own conscience. In whatever you do, do it in faith as unto the Lord. — Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. How do you lovingly correct someone who is older than you without being disrespectful?

2. How should we self-censor our intake of media?

3. How do we explain why God commanded the slaughter of people in the Old Testament?

4. Why didn't God give commands in the Old Testament the way Jesus gave it in the New Testament?


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