Was It Sinful for Rahab to Lie to Save the Spies?

Episode 166 Show Notes 

Was It Sinful for Rahab to Lie to Save the Spies?

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Was it sinful for Rahab to lie to save the spies?

Lying is always a sin, but not all sins are alike. I think of the example of Dutch immigrant Christians in my own church who hid Jews from the Nazis in their homes…They lied to the Nazis about hiding Jews, about what they were doing. Now, I wouldn't say that wicked people don't deserve the truth, as a sort of sweeping generalization. That would basically say that you can lie to anybody including yourself. Instead I'd say that when a higher crime is about to be committed then a lesser one should be committed to prevent it. This is called the "Lesser of Evils Argument." Murder is more heinous to God than a lie. That's clear in Scripture. The sixth commandment, "You shall not murder," requires not only that we don't actually take someone's life but that we do all in our power to defend it.  — Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. Every time I attempt to serve, something happens to inhibit it. Is it possible that God could be saying "hey, just sit there and warm that bench"?

2. The incident with Rehab lying is wrong even with her saving the spies, but what would have been the correct way to respond for a Christian?

3. Is predestination by grace the same as the "once saved, always saved" teaching?

4. Is the law only accusatory ultimately leading me to Christ or is the law also a guide in the Christian life?


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