What Are the Most Important Elements of a Godly Marriage?

Episode 490 Show Notes 

From the Show

We value marriage too much to handle questions about marriage and divorce on this program. I know that the most important thing for you as you think about these things is to be in a solid church where you are getting godly counsel. I’m going to quote C. S. Lewis again here: “Christianity teaches that marriage is for life. There is, of course, a difference here between different Churches: some do not admit divorce at all; some allow it reluctantly in very special cases. It is a great pity that Christians should disagree about such a question; but for an ordinary layman the thing to notice is that Churches all agree with one another about marriage a great deal more than any of them agrees with the outside world.”

–Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. I’m not married yet, and sometimes I wonder if it is worth all the trouble. My parents went through a really difficult divorce, and I keep hearing similar stories from my friends. My boyfriend wants us to move in together, and sometimes it seems like the idea of marriage is just a stressful burden on our relationship, especially when we’re already committed to each other. Marriage wouldn’t change any of that, so why do it?

2. I would like to get married, but I’m having an identity crisis of who I am and who I want my spouse to be. I know I should prioritize my faith and his faith, but I identify with being Ukrainian-American very much. Do you have any advice for me as to what I can do to convince myself that finding a Godly man, no matter what nationality, is the most important thing?

3. A word from Pastor Adriel and Bill on Divorce and Remarrige.

4. How can my fiance and I prepare ourselves for a godly marriage?


Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis

7 Things You Need to Know About Marriage and Sex by Adriel Sanchez

The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller

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