What Can I Do to Be Right With God?

Episode 262 Show Notes 

What Can I Do to Be Right With God?

From the Show

Jesus’ first act in his ministry, as Luke records it in Luke 4, is—first of all he gets up and he reads the scroll. It’s almost like his bar mitzvah. He is allowed now, attaining his maturity, to read the scroll for that day. And he opens it to Isaiah 61, and he reads this and then he closes the scroll and says, this is his sermon basically, “This Scripture is now fulfilled in your hearing.” And no wonder they took up stones. You know, they nearly drove him off a cliff. They knew what he was claiming. From the very moment out of the gate Jesus is saying, “you know the servant of Isaiah, the messiah, that’s me.”

— Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. How do you understand Jesus Luke 4 where he says that he came to liberate the captives, preach good news to the poor, and perform miracles? 

2. What is the real Sabbath day? Is it Saturday or Sunday?

3. Can you explain Psalm 88? This seems so contrary to the New Testaments call to rejoice. Should Christians pray like it shows in psalm 88?

4. I work in food service. For years I wasn't reporting my tips. Now I do and pay taxes on them. But what about all those years I didn't. Do I owe? I need to know because it was a lot of money and I need to be right with God.

5. In Genesis 12 and 15 God promised that he would bless the nations through Abraham’s seed and then in Galatians 3 Paul says that Abraham’s seed referred to Jesus. But how could have Abraham understood that? It seems like he thought that God was promising him a people not Jesus. Can you explain this?


Michael Horton, Introducing Covenant Theology


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