What Do You Think About ‘Faith Healings’?

Episode 190 Show Notes 

What Do You Think About 'Faith Healings'?

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What should Christians today think about ‘Faith Healings’?

First thing, we believe in a God of miracles.God is free to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. I pray for miracles. I have a daughter who, when she was born, in the ICU had a brain bleed. And so we thought we were going to have a daughter with all sorts of physical disabilities.  And the doctors called us in to the room one day and specialists were seated around the room at a big table, it was pretty impressive, and they said, "We have something to explain to you in the least technical terms we can possibly come up with. Here, we are going to put up an X-ray. This is your daughter with her brain bleed. We want to tell you, first of all, she's fine now. But typically what we see is a resolution, that the brain bleed resolves and then we have another X-ray that shows that it resolved. Here's the second X-ray today. This X-ray shows that it never happened. You must have a Friend upstairs. We have no medical explanation for this.— Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Does Colossians 2:20–22 mean we should not obey man-made rules or laws?

2. I’m a new pastor who is frustrated after not seeing the fruit of his work in the congregation. Most of the people do not seem passionate about their faith.

3. My six-year-old daughter has had seizures all her life. I recently talked to a couple about their faith healing experiences. I know that there are healings in the Bible but I also know that there are many faith-healings that have been fake. How should I think about faith-healings? Is this something that I should pursue for my daughter?


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