What Does the Bible Say Heaven Will Actually Be Like?

Episode 442 Show Notes 

From the Show

Destroying death fully and finally, whipping away all of our tears—You think about the suffering that is everywhere around us right now, the things that we see because of the Coronavirus. You had this story, just not long ago about that young black man going for a jog and getting shot in broad daylight, the pain, the anger, the grief. We need the Lord to wipe away our tears. We need the Lord to swallow up death.

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. I got saved at the age of 19 and immediately had a heart for evangelism and helping Christians grow in their faith. When I came to faith I recognized the incredible love of the Lord that He would choose me to be his child through the perfect sacrifice of his son. However, here I am almost 3 years later and I still do not weep over my sin. I am angry at my sin but not always. This scares me that since I still do not understand the depth of my sin, I probably do not understand the gospel fully. I feel if I did understand the value of Christ and the unity he has with the Father and that my sin has separated that unity, I should be on my face before God daily. I guess my question is, if I sometimes feel numb to my sin, am I saved? And how do I understand the severity of my sin more? 

2. I heard that God does not ratify acts of false prophets with miracles. And I'm trying to figure out how to interpret the story of Moses where he throws down his staff that becomes a serpent, and Pharaoh’s priests throw down three staffs that become three serpents. Of course Moses prevails, but I'm trying to figure out by what power Pharaoh’s priests were able to accomplish that apparent miracle?

3. What will heaven be like? 

4. My 14-year old’s father is a member of a “Christian” church that believes in strict adherence to Old Testament laws and I believe, discounts the gospel and the work that Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. I find myself often times listening to your show or studying scripture with the goal of gaining an understanding of how my son’s fathers’ church has it all wrong (and perhaps blasphemously) in order to know how to respond to my son when he is conflicted by the two very different teachings of our church and his father’s. Is this wrong of me to do?  


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