What Happens After Heaven and Hell?

Episode 247 Show Notes 

What Happens After Heaven & Hell?

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Can people better themselves in heaven or hell? 

The Bible teaches we exist for God's glory, and we’ve fallen short of that glory (Romans 3:23), but it also teaches that the God who made us for himself, even while we turned against him, instead of destroying us He sent His only Son, raised him from the dead, so he gets all the glory- “salvation is of the Lord,” Jonah 2:9, but the way he gets all the glory is by rescuing many from our self-chosen damnation. And also, the glory of His justice in leaving the rest. That's why we worship this God who is the center of everything, we're not the center, he doesn't exist to make us happy, but we exist for His glory and to enjoy Him forever. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Can Christians become demon-possessed?

2. How can I tell if I am being disobedient to God in not wanting to be a missionary? Are there other ways to be part of the great commission without going to other cities or countries?

3. What exactly happens after heaven and hell? I believe that we are all here for self-betterment and becoming closer to God. What happens if a person in hell wants to better themselves, is there a way for them to better themselves and become saved?

4. How exactly is it that Jesus’ suffering and death saves people?

5. Are the gifts of the Spirit like healing and tongues for today? I have heard that they died with the apostles and I have heard they are still for today because that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.






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