What Happens After We Die?

Episode 136 Show Notes 

What Happens After We Die?

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How should I expect God to reveal to me whom I should marry?

Sometimes the whole idea of “the right one” can be like headlights to a deer. We just get trapped, and we get paralyzed to that decision, “who is the one out there for me, and can I miss God's perfect will for my life by missing that one?” A lot of people have anxiety about that and will often appeal to Romans 12 where Paul says in the first few verses, "I appeal to you, by the mercies of God present your bodies as a living sacrifice. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that by testing you may discern what the will of God is, what is good and acceptable and perfect." But a lot of us grew up with the King James version that said, “discern what the perfect will of God is.”

If by testing you can discern the perfect will of God, some people argued, when I was growing up anyway, you've got to find that perfect will of God for your life; that perfect one you should marry, that perfect job you should take, that perfect house you should live in, and so forth. That's not what he means here though. He's saying, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” how? By the Word of God. So that by testing, in other words, by investigating what you should do ethically in the light of what God's commandments are, you may discern God's perfect will. That will of God which is good and acceptable and perfect. There's one will of God that you can know, that you have access to. You cannot know God's secrets. You can't know who he has prepared before the foundation of the world for you to marry.— Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. When we pray, are we supposed to pray to Jesus, or to God?

2. How should I expect God to reveal to me whom I should marry?

3. How do we deal with crying babies in the worship service or kids who can’t sit still?

4. The Bible says, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” Is God commanding us to do something that is impossible in this life?

5. When a person dies does he or she immediately stand before Christ or does that happen after the resurrection?


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