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What Jesus Meant by “On This Rock I Will Build My Church”

aired January 2, 2019

Episode 88 Show Notes 

What Jesus Meant by "On This Rock I Will Build My Church"

From the Show

God doesn't have to show his grace and mercy to anyone. By definition, grace is something that you give to people who don’t merit it, in fact who merit the very opposite. According to Scripture, we actually deserve everlasting condemnation because we are sinful by birth. We’re sinners in Adam, sinners by nature, also sinners by choice. we daily rebel against God and deserve his wrath. But God freely chooses to have mercy on whom he will have mercy and compassion on whom he will have compassion. So his grace is completely undeserved. God doesn’t have to show anybody grace and yet, wonder of wonders he does even at the expense of sending his own son to die for our sins and be raised on the third day. The entire gospel is wrapped up in that word grace.–Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. What is grace?

2. Is Peter and his writing more important than the other apostles?

3. Why doesn’t God protect his people from mass shootings and natural disasters? Isn’t God supposed to keep his people safe?

4. Is it okay to pray the Lord’s Prayer? Is it better to pray in our own words?

5. How does a person become holy? Are there specific practices that help?


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