What Jesus Meant by “Watch and Pray”

Episode 55 Show Notes 

What Jesus Meant by “Watch and Pray”

From the Show

What do you think about Matthew 26:41? What are some practical ways we should watch and pray to avoid temptation?

Remember, Peter challenged Jesus three times. The closer they got to Jerusalem, he said, "No, you will not be crucified. I'm not gonna let it happen." And Jesus said, "I'm telling you, Peter, you're going to deny me 3 times. Your thoughts are not the thoughts of God, but the thoughts of man." "Well, go around the cross, get glory now," that's what they were thinking and that's how Satan tempted Jesus. That's why [Jesus] says, "No, I'm not going that route. I've been tempted with that before, I have my eyes set on the cross. That's the reason I've come. Instead of telling me to stop talking about the cross, why don't you stop, listen to me tell you why I have to go to the cross and watch and pray so that you're not taken by fear."

So, what about us today? Well, like the disciples, we tend toward a theology of glory instead of a theology of the cross. We're looking for a Messiah who reigns in glory now, not one who reigns through suffering and weakness and the proclamation of the gospel. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. What are some ways that you have seen women serve that has been a blessing to them and the church as a whole?

2. What do you think about Matthew 26:41? What are some practical ways we should watch and pray to avoid temptation?

3. In Romans 9, Paul says that he wished that he could be accursed for the sake of his Jewish brothers. Is he saying this because he wants us to also have a love for the Jewish people?

4. Why are there so many references to Jesus’ blood in our redemption and not just a remark that we are saved by Jesus himself?

5. What do you think makes for a godly marriage?

6. What does Paul mean in Philippians 1 when he says, “conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ”?


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