What Should We Believe About the Robes in Revelation Chapter 7?

Episode 335 Show Notes 

From the Show

Everyone agrees that the numbers in the book of Revelation are used symbolically. We differ over how many of the numbers are symbolic. A lot of believers will say, “most of the numbers in Revelation are symbolic but then when you come to the 7-year tribulation, that’s not symbolic.” We’ll, no, it is symbolic of a week. It’s a period from Christ’s ascension and the sending of the Spirit and his return.

—Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. I have heard you make the point that churches that are too concerned with being relevant to the culture can lose focus on what matters, salvation and heaven. But at the same time, you have said that this world matters to God and that loving our neighbors is also important. Can you speak to how to balance relevance and focusing on heaven?

2. I have gotten three different confirmations to move from Texas to Colorado. And I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. I quit my job and moved, things are great now, but when I did move, my wife left me and went back to Texas. What am I supposed to do? 

3. The church seems so confused by false teaching today. I have been listening to the show for a while and you guys often do a good job of being hopeful. I would love to know more about that and hear about what you see in the church that gives you hope.

4. How do you understand Revelation 7:13 and 14? What do the robes mean?


The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller

Triumph of The Lamb: A Commentary on Revelation by Dennis Johnson


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