Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

Episode 274 Show Notes 

From the Show

Paul says, “though who suffer with Christ will reign with Christ.” That goes against the prosperity gospel and so much of what we get in our culture, in our thinking. We don’t believe in karma, alright. We’re not Hindus. Every other religion, except for Christianity, believes in some form of karma. When you have Christ, you realize, “that’s all I need…” God has a purpose, even it what seems purposeless and senseless to us.

— Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Is there such thing as coincidence, chance or luck? Or is God in control of even the smallest things in our life?

2. I've been listening to your program for a while and I had a question about some of the imagery the Bible has about believers. Verses like Romans 8:15 call us adopted sons of God while in chapter 1 of the same book and other places we are bondservants/slaves of God being bought from slavery to sin. How do these two seemingly contradictory images reconcile each other in our lives as believers and followers of God?”

3. In regard to Hebrews 6, impossible to renew to repentance. Can you help me understand what that means? Do we take it at face value? I am trying to figure this out for about a year now. I feel like this portion of Scripture really describes me and my eternal destiny is at stake and I can’t get the answer to this. And it seems from experience that sometimes we see people leave the faith and then come back. Who is this describing and how can you know if you are in this state?

4. Why do so many Christians suffer while lots of people who don’t know the Lord or don’t care are successful and experience blessing?





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