Why Don’t Churches Talk More About Angels and Demons?

Episode 5 Show Notes

From the Show

We have spiritual scoliosis. We are born into the world turned in on ourselves so that we can’t look up to God in faith and out to our neighbors in love. But the gospel changes this. It draws us out of ourselves to look up to God in faith and out to our neighbors in love. It’s safe to come out now. We find a generous and merciful Father instead of a terrifying judge, and even our enemies turn out to be gifts as well as objects of our respect for the sake of Christ.
—Michael Horton  

Questions in this Episode

1. Is being an introvert sinful or wrong?

2. How were Old Testament believers saved since Christ had not yet died on the cross?

3. Is God powerful enough to end all evil and suffering? If he is, why doesn’t he end it?

4. If the word "Jesus" isn’t really Jesus' name (it was Yeshua), are we really worshiping God by using the name Jesus?

5. It seems like the early church had a really high view of demons and angels but I never hear anyone talk about it today in my church. What do you think about demons and angels and do you know of any good books or articles that you could recommend?

6. How do we pursue sanctification in a way that isn’t trying to earn it by works?



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