Will We Recognize Our Loved Ones In Heaven?

Episode 271 Show Notes

From the Show

Heaven will be the perfection of God’s creation, the renewal, the saving of the world. I think people think of heaven negatively, in other words, as what we don’t have…The Scriptures tell us it’s going to be a renewal of creation… We will experience communion with God and we will have perfect communion with all of the saints.

– Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Will we recognize our loved ones in heaven?

2. What does blasphemy of the Holy Spirit mean or entail? I hear discussions about how all can be saved. What about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? What can a person do?

3. My son was killed. A woman was driving 100 mph, ran a stop sign and t-boned us, taking my son’s life. She was impaired. My question is, and I blame my self, I never had my son baptized. Now, at the funeral service, the priest did the baptismal ritual along with the burial ritual. If there is any information you can pass on to me to help me, my wife, and the rest of my family feel better or just to look in one of the passages of some sort, it would be greatly appreciated?

4. Can we prove that God exists; or that the Bible is true?

5. Did God know Adam and Eve would sin and if so, why did God create them to do so in the first place?





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