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3 Ways To Live By Faith When Life Makes No Sense At All

On October 19, 2014, my life changed. I was in acute renal failure and didn't know it. If I had waited another week to see...

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Finding God's Grace While Waiting for a Prodigal

When Satan attacks someone you love, he attempts to attack your faith at the same time, either by doubt or by pride. By God’s grace, waiting...

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The Difficulty of Community

Many things in our culture work against the maintenance of real community. We are conditioned in countless ways to think and act as individuals only,...

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10 Things You Should Know about Athanasius

What you should know about the great early Christian defender of the deity of Jesus Christ.

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3 Reasons Your Pastor’s Sermon Should Always Lead You to Jesus

Our lives aren’t changed by hearing powerful rhetoric, or repackaged self-help. True transformation comes when Jesus Christ is preached into our hearts by faithful pastors. If pastors...

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6 Relevant Things That Saint Paul Never Said

Here are six things we often think Paul said... and often live as if he said them. 

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My Confession: Toward A More Balanced Gospel

For all of my passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ, which has been accurate and faithful to the best of my ability, the gospel...

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Don't Be Ashamed of the Gospel

To many, sharing the Christian faith is not easy.

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6 Misconceptions About the New Testament

A lot of misconceptions about the New Testament often cause people to distrust the Bible. Are any of them true?   

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5 Things to Remember When Your Faith Is Weak

When life is hard and trials seem to flood over us, we can easily feel like we are useless— maybe even worse than useless. Temptation loves...