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The Fairy-Tale Ending We Long For

Why do people like movies, shows, and a good story? There is always some blockbuster to see in the theaters. We all binge-watch a whole...

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Does God Speak to Us Audibly?

Do you want to hear God speak to you? Does God talk to us? 

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6 Reasons Why Porn Is Not Harmless

There is a myth that porn is harmless. “It’s just a few consenting adults doing what they want with their own bodies,” the thinking goes....

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Political Jesus: Voting and Trusting

It’s 2016, and the United States is due for a new president. You may have noticed that everyone has an opinion about which candidate evangelical...

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Joining the Family of God

Family is important. Those who have grown up with a good family know how precious it can be. Many who have not often feel they...

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4 Ways Scripture Reveals That the Holy Spirit Is God

1. The Holy Spirit dwells in the new temple of Christ's church.  Temples are holy places for God to dwell. In the Old Testament, God...

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Now That You've Found Jesus, What's Next?

After believing in Jesus, life can become a little confusing as to what exactly we are called to be and to do. What are we...

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When God Works Behind the Scenes

In the face of injustice, silence can be oppressive, filled at once with despairing questions. Where is God? What of the silent victims?

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Gun Control and Jesus

Aurora, Newtown, San Bernardino, Orlando—these places and others now trigger in our memories images of helplessness, terror, and pain. Is gun control the solution? 

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5 Ways to Love God with Your Mind

Some people think that the test of any religion is whether it is practical. For a Christian, it is important that Christianity is true.