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Ask J. I. Packer: What is Your Hope for the Church?

I see evangelical strength in America needing desperately to be undergirded by Reformation convictions,

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4 Reasons You Should Care about Secularization

Secularization is a very important process in our culture that we should seek to understand. Here are four aspects of secularization you need to know....

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5 Things I Love About My Pastor's Preaching

How a pastor preaches is important. What a pastor preaches is essential. 

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Why Do We Ask God For Our Daily Bread?

If I’m honest, at times it seems a bit unnecessary to pray for my daily bread. If you ever feel like this, I would encourage you...

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5 Devotionals (New and Old) You Should Read

May these resources be an encouragement to you as you keep your eyes on Christ and your faith steady.

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Is Racism a Social Issue or a Gospel Issue?

Some argue that the issue of racism is merely a “social issue” and that the mission of the church is to preach on “gospel issues”...

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Does God Really Want Honest Prayers?

Many Christians in history have considered the book of Psalms as a resource for Christian prayer.

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5 Things You Should Know About Your Pastor

With these five questions, you should be able to separate faithful servants from those who are just trying to become super-apostles by building a platform.

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3 Things to Remember When Thinking About Hell

Hell is definitely not my favorite doctrine.

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7 Ways You Can Join the Fight Against Racism

My prayer, as a black Christian, is that all sinful selectivity and partiality would surrender to the gospel of truth. May Christ have the prize...