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Why Black Friday Can't Make You Happy

Our idols don’t look like the gods of the Parthenon or stand on the corners of the street. Yet, they stare at us as we...

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Is It Okay To Date A Non-Christian?

Timothy Keller, the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, discusses this difficult question. What does the Bible say about dating? How does it relate...

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Why the Sacrifice of Jesus Isn't Enough

R.C. Sproul with Ligonier Ministries outlines a misunderstood aspect of Christs work: his active obedience on our behalf. Is salvation accomplished merely by the sacrifice...

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James K. A. Smith: Why Christian Virtue Is Essential Today

Christian Virtues from The Colossian Forum on Vimeo. James K.A. Smith from Calvin College joins the...

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Why Is Sex Outside of Marriage So Destructive?

Timothy Keller, the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, highlights what the nature of sex is and why it belongs within the confines...

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What the Book of Leviticus Is About - in One Minute

The book of Leviticus makes the holiness of God crystal clear on every page. It cries out for blood, because we need the blood of another to...

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Why Does Faith Alone Matter?

Our salvation does not depend upon our works, efforts, or good intentions, but on God alone, and this salvation is secure in Christ.

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The Bible Is Not a Code Book

Part of the charm of a good story is that central characters impose themselves in the process of a thousand scenes that seem to be...

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Take Time to Actually Celebrate This Holiday Season

We need special days of joy and rest. Holidays help us in various ways. They let us enjoy the simple things of life and see...