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When God Becomes a Superstition

Is your Christianity a mere superstition? Here are two errors to avoid. 

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Pornography: How We Begin to Defeat This Sin

Remember, Jesus is not ashamed of you. Here are some steps you can take.

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What Jesus Actually Meant When He Said: "My Kingdom Is Not of This World"

Jesus' kingdom brought about his death and a confrontation with the religious and political powers of his day. Why was that? What did Jesus mean when he...

Finding Yourself In God’s Story MP4 Download

For your donation, get MP4 downloads of four 40-minute conference talks that will help you rediscover joy, hope and confidence in what God is doing for...

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"Such Were Some of You": A Personal Account of the Power of the Gospel

I tried to picture a Jesus who encouraged me to be gay and my heart was made to recognize the blasphemy and idolatry my blind...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Trust the Bible

In our age of skepticism and doubt, why should anyone trust the Bible to be God's Word?

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Loving People with Mental Illness

While the specifics of each person's suffering and situation obviously vary, in one sense our response is simply to seek to love a fellow brother...

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Tim Keller: Civility in the Public Square

It could be argued that America has never really been a genuinely pluralistic, perspective-diverse, free society.

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The Freedom God Is Giving You Today

Freedom is something sorely misunderstood in our day of "liberty" and "rights." God is giving us true and lasting freedom today, but it often doesn't...

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Why the Old Testament Sacrifices Couldn't Actually Take Away Sin

Making atonement through blood is not arbitrary in the Bible. God is not some crazy, bloodthirsty deity. Why is there so much talk about blood...