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How to Rejoice in Churches Different Than Yours

Anyone who has ever grieved over church divisions, and the role that individuals play in creating and fostering them, has probably asked the question, “How...

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3 False Assumptions about Science

The scientific method in particular has been claimed as superior over any other method for discovering truth. Is this true? 

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How God Sees Me

In Christ, God’s determination of our identity is gloriously liberating rather than stifling.

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5 Attributes God Isn't Sharing

We sometimes imagine that God is just like us, only bigger, smarter, and more powerful. God, however, is not just more than we are. He...

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6 Things We Need to Know about the Formation of the Bible

Six things every Christian should know about the formation of the New Testament.

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8 Ways to Practice Christianity Monday through Saturday

We want Christianity to be practical and relevant to everyday life.

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You Need to Know Why Young People Leave Church

Bobby Conway (The One Minute Apologist) interviewed J. Warner Wallace (author of Cold-Case Christianity) on the reason why so many young believers are leaving...

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How We've Misunderstood "Do This in Remembrance of Me"

When Jesus was reclining with his disciples, after breaking some bread and distributing it to them he said, “This is my body, which is given...

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What Should You Do When You Don't Feel Like a Christian?

In my last year of seminary, almost everything went wrong.

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3 Ways Jesus Cared for Women

When we consider the social times Jesus was living in, the way Jesus treated women was strikingly different from the way everyone else treated women....