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Discontentment Says Something About You, Not Your Circumstances

Our own complaints are not caused by our outward circumstances; rather, they reveal the inward condition of our hearts. This is often the source of...

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What Is the Difference Between Guilt and Shame?

Shame has the power to steal our breath and smother us with condemnation, rejection, and disgust. Is it different from guilt?

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Life and Death: In the Valley of the Shadow

At a second visit, the doctor disclosed the diagnosis and prognosis to my son: "You have schizophrenia." I was not prepared for this.

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This is Why Gossip is the Most Unacceptable Sin

At the check-out line of any local grocery store, celebrity word vomit is showcased on the cover of People and other like-minded tabloids.

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What If Job Had Grieved on Facebook?

What if the story of Job happened in the era of social media? What would it look like?

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Stop Making Excuses for Your Graceless Christianity

Do I believe in sin and grace as a reality?

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5 Misconceptions About the Old Testament

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Old Testament, even some that make us think it is unreliable.

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8 Classics Every Christian Should Read

Aside from the Holy Bible, there are certain books that all Christians should read. 

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That's Just YOUR Interpretation! Really?

Today, we are awash in a sea of subjectivism. No one has any more right to say their understanding of the Bible is more proper...