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How to Read Shusaku Endo's Novel Silence

Father Rodrigues had ventured into a foreign land confident that his own exploits for the faith would make God's glory manifest. But he did not...

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Jesus Is Not Someone You Can Coexist With

You see, the thing about Jesus is that he will not let you use him. He will not just coexist with us.

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4 Ways Christ Conquers Our Fears

The gospel of Christ is the light that chases away the darkness.

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The Kind of Leadership that Glorifies God

The apostle Paul, being quite familiar with the church’s craving for powerful personalities, often spoke differently. 

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8 False Assumptions about Christianity

Many assumptions exist in the modern world about Christianity. Here's why they are false. 

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How to Deal With Your Pastor When He Fails Morally

How to deal with the disappointment, disillusionment, and anxiety when your pastor fails to be the upright and godly man he is called to be....

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You Have to Be Perfect to Get into Heaven

In the end, it won’t matter how you view yourself. The only thing that will matter is how God views you. 

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The Secret to Being Content

Our goal is to be content with where God has placed us, with whom God has placed us, and with what God has put before us at this time in our...

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Why Christianity Seems So Foolish

Christianity seems foolish. But things are not always what they seem. 

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How to Keep Hoping When You Want to Despair

Star Wars tells us, “rebellions are built on hope.” Christians’ rebellion against the evil powers in this world is fueled by the hope given to us.