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Good Doctrine Isn’t the Only Answer to Racism

Just because your doctrine is right, good, and true does not mean it is healthy.

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“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”: Christians and Social Justice

Social justice is not a conversation that anyone can opt out of: every day we are engaged in secular rituals that either support or threaten...

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10 Benefits of Church Small Groups

Small groups should never supplant the church. But they can provide a setting where the church begins to experience the kind of closeness that will...

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Why Does Anyone Become a Christian?

Many say that Christians who maintain the historic, traditional doctrines are behind the times, are too exclusive, and are “on the wrong side of history.”...

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Our Confusion About God

Of all the doctrines of the Christian faith honored in name and neglected in practice by evangelicals, the Trinity probably has no rival. Ask any...

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Why You Need to Be in Church this Sunday

Sadly, Sunday worship has fallen on hard times in the United States. Back in 2014, when the Barna Group asked Americans what it was that...

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5 Things That Will Help You with Personal Devotions

As I’ve thought, experimented, asked, and read about this topic, several realizations helped personal devotions stop seeming overwhelming and made them more enjoyable and consistent....

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3 Reasons We're Addicted to Digital Distraction

Our phones are addictive, and, like addicts, we seek hits immediately in the morning. And, yes, there’s an app for that. We check our smartphones about...

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Loving What Kills: Our Love Affair with Drugs

According to a recent study, the mortality rate of working-class white people has risen in the West. There have not been similar results with other people...

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How God Calls Failures Like Us to Be a Blessing

The call to be a blessing connects Christian love and the Christian mission to our ordinary, everyday situation. God calls you to go and be...