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What Is Real Beauty?

Beauty is all around us, but sometimes we experience it in ways that especially touch our souls. What is beauty, and how should Christians interact...

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4 Ways to Get Spiritually Fit

Though imperfect, the analogy of healthy habits can be applied to the Christian life. Healthy habits serve us by feeding and strengthening our faith.

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God Doesn't Want Your Money

Just as Jesus, out of love, generously gave his life for the sake of the world, Christians in response are to receive what God gives...

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What Is Love?

Love is one of those words that is overused to the point that it becomes meaningless, and yet not said enough with the reality of...

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How Do I Find God's Will for My Life?

There are not many people who want to hear this. It’s much more exciting to claim that God spoke to us in a dream or...

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Is It a Sin to Drink Alcohol?

Some Christians think it is perfectly fine to drink alcohol, while others believe it is sinful to partake. Which view is correct?

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3 Steps to Take to Know God Will Save You

I have often met people in life who worry that God doesn’t love them, that they aren't really Christians, or that they will experience God’s...

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If God Is Loving, Why Doesn't He Just Forgive People?

If God is loving, why couldn’t he just forgive everyone instead of putting his Son through all that suffering to make atonement for sin?

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"Be Still and Know That I Am God" is Bad News

Often this verse is used as a source of encouragement, and it is one of the most “liked” verses in the Bible. I remember hearing...

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Jesus Didn't Come to Bring Peace on Earth

Just when we start to get hopeful about the latest peace talks, another bomb goes off or another shooting happens. Didn’t Jesus promise to bring...