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Why Does the Trinity Matter?

As you come to know God, you come to know the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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4 Benefits Jesus Gives You at the Cross

Every Christian receives the following four benefits of the cross...

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How the Silence of Jesus Shatters the Noise of Violence

This is where God speaks—in the silence of Jesus. This is where we can be forgiven of our own violence.

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What is True, Saving Faith?

How do you know if you are really a Christian?

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Deliver Us from Evil: Learning to Pray with Humility Again

Can humility really be the answer to the prayer, "deliver us from evil"? How can God expect us to give up our rights and act...

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Why Lent Should Be Practiced Without Your Phone

Lent is the liturgical calendar season of forty weekdays before Easter, consisting of repentance and fasting, devotion and anticipation. Forty-day periods in the Bible are...

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How to Help People Lost in the Maze of Doubt

At some point, most Christians doubt God, the claims of the Bible, and the reality of Jesus.

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4 Unexpected Ways to Teach Your Kids About Grace

Fatherhood has taught me a lot about God. 

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3 Things to Think About Death

We don’t like to think about death in our culture—period. I can’t remember the last time I drove by a graveyard in Southern California.

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3 Reasons You Need Apologetics in a Secular Age

We must not take for granted the faith handed down by our parents. In fact, statistics show that those who merely have a faith that...