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A Better Spirituality

It is not just any appearance of Spiritual progress that is praiseworthy. True Christian growth must—and actually only can—occur within the Faith of the Gospel.—J.I....

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How to Think about the Christian Mission

How can the church carry out the Great Commission within its own neighborhood? 

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3 Things to Know about Union with Christ

Until recently, it never really struck me how important this doctrine was for my whole outlook on Christianity, and especially how we as Christians relate...

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Without Holiness No One Will See God

Making a promise means you have to perform what is necessary to fulfill it. 

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6 Things a Christian Husband Should Give His Wife

The Bible has a lot to say to husbands and wives regarding their conduct toward each other. Here are six things a Christian husband should...

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Overcoming Sexual Sin

You shall not commit adultery. – Exodus 20:14 When God’s Word comes to us, his commands don’t function to only condemn us. His Word speaks...

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How to Share the Gospel Without Being a Jerk

Nobody likes a jerk, but so often this is the impression many Christians give when sharing the faith. 

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God Wears a Mask

In showing hospitality to our neighbors, we are inviting Christ into our homes. In caring for the poor, we are clothing Christ.

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How to Read Your Bible: God's Promises Kept

At first glance, these covenants can seem like strange practices from the long-ago past that have no relevance for us today, but nothing could be...

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How to Live the Defeated Christian Life

We try weight loss programs for Christians when we should be focusing on the objective, once-and-for-all sacrifice for sins that God has given us to...