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You're Just Small, Insignificant, and Biodegradable. False!

Do not argue with the forces of nature! For you are small, insignificant, and BIODEGRADABLE!

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Why is the Christian Community Important?

James K.A. Smith answers, "Why is the Christian community important? How does the formation of a Christian community relate to individual Christians?"

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Are You Just Going through the Motions?

Have you ever met someone who has been in the church for most of his or her life but doesn’t seem to act much like...

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3 Things to Think About Death in a Culture That Refuses to Talk About It

We don’t like to think about death in our culture—period. I can’t remember the last time I drove by a graveyard. That’s pretty telling.

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If Salvation Is a Free Gift, What Becomes of Good Works?

The Bible instructs us to imitate Christ, to obey his commands, and to follow in God’s footsteps. Yet, Scripture also declares salvation to be a...

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The Two Words Every Christian Needs to Know to Read the Bible Without Confusion

There are two words that every Christian needs to know in order to rightly interpret the Scriptures and live the Christian life without confusion.

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Tempted: Basic but Shocking Christianity Ahead

No matter how holy people think themselves to be, they are still tempted. Our actions result from our sinful thoughts, and our sinful thoughts arise from...

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Be Optimistic, and Smile!

Self-help prescriptions to “be optimistic” when you’re feeling down, “smile!” when you’re feeling sad, and “turn that frown upside down” in the end do not help us...

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6 Blessings Older Folks Bring to the Church

Though age or experience is not identical to wisdom, older folks are usually a real blessing to the church. 

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How to Read Your Bible: God's Promises Made

 It can be hard to know how all the books of the Bible fit together. One phrase that does a good job summing up the...