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Your Ambition Might be Satanic

If you were to ask people in the church to describe demonic practices, you aren’t likely to hear the word “ambition” listed. Sure, maybe witchcraft,...

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The Hardest Words to Pray

On that basis, all that Jesus asks for in relation to himself is that the Father will be true to him, attesting him as his...

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If God Already Knows Everything We Need, Why Pray?

If we believe that God is sovereign, all-knowing, all-powerful and that he is a good Father who knows all our needs, then why bother to...

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Christ the Victim

We cannot quantify suffering, but it is probably best to assume that Christ’s decision to endure the cross was more than equivalent to a man...

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An Open Letter to the Parent Who Has Lost a Child

My first word of hope to you: God is a healer.

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The Crucial Difference Between Law and Gospel for the Christian Life

We don't need better advice. What we need is good news.