Core Christianity

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How to Make Your Church Uncomfortable

Comfortable churches are all too common. Comfortable Christianity is a great way to kill the gospel and snuff out the church's mission. Christianity is supposed...

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The Big Non-Negotiable

The Bible gives the answer when it tells us that God is love. It does not say that God is loving, but that God is love.

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Where Is God in a Mass Shooting?

We live in a fallen world, where awful, incomprehensible things happen. When an obvious and egregious injustice such as this one is done, we should...

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Why Does Anyone Become a Christian?

By Timothy Keller. Many say that Christians who maintain the historic, traditional doctrines are behind the times, are too exclusive, and are “on the wrong...

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5 of the Worst Things You Can Say to People Who Are Grieving

We don’t really know the spiritual reality of another person’s life. Here are some things to keep in mind.