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The Book of Revelation Is Not About the Rapture

Every time something big happens in the news, especially if it involves the Middle East, it seems a new set of books, reinterpreting the book...

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Let the Little Children Come into Big Church

People are always asking the question, “Should we have our children with us in public worship?”

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Parenting in the Power of the Gospel

Why do some children raised in Christian homes grow up loving God, while others, sometimes from the same home, turn away? 

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Rosaria Butterfield: The Spiritual Warfare of Potato-Peeling

I enjoy leaning hard into our post-Christian world with prayer and potato-peeling. This is what spiritual warfare looks like in my kitchen in the dark,...

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True vs. False Repentance: What’s the Difference?

The Bible does make it clear that not all repentance is genuine. Here are three marks of true repentance. 

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The Limitations of Forgiveness

Lots of people treat forgiveness as only a form of therapy. It’s a way of moving on. It’s a form of personal healing. This is...

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R. C. Sproul: "How Can I Know I Am Saved?"

We're capable of serious and radical falls from grace, but never total and final falls because we're being preserved by our Savior.

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Why the Bible Doesn’t Teach Us to Be Colorblind

When the Judaizers infiltrated the churches of Galatia, they brought these attitudes with them. Looking to their Jewish ethnicity, cultural, and ceremonial trappings to guarantee...