Core Christianity

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When a Cussing Heroin Addict Shows Up at Church

One Sunday at a church I served as pastor, a woman named Ann showed up. From the start, it was clear that her life had...

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Demonology 101

What had seminary taught me about demonic activity? I couldn’t recall any class where we had discussed anything remotely similar to what we were experiencing,...

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The Sin No One Wants to Talk About

There is a sin that is often overlooked, ignored, or unseen.

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The One Thing About Sexuality That Christians Just Don't Get

What is a common misconception among Christians about the relationship between sexuality and personal identity?

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Why Do Churches Cover Up Sin?

Recent abuse cases force painful questions to the surface. Why do churches also do this? Why do Christians cover-up similar sin within the church? The same questions can...

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Why the Bible Doesn’t Teach Us to Be Colorblind

When the Judaizers infiltrated the churches of Galatia, they brought these attitudes with them. Looking to their Jewish ethnicity, cultural, and ceremonial trappings to guarantee...