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10 Books Every Woman in the Church Should Read

Here are ten of the best books I’ve read by women in the church that I think every woman (and man, for that matter) in...

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10 People in the Bible Who Remembered to Thank God

Miriam, the older sister of Moses and Aaron, gave thanks to God while playing her tambourine and dancing with joy...

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10 Practical Tips for Helping Hurting People

Sometimes it's hard to find the right words when someone you care about is going through a life crisis. Still, there are plenty of ways...

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10 Things Jesus Said That Will Never Go Viral

Remember those #ThingsJesusNeverSaid memes from yesteryear? Here are 10 things Jesus actually said that will never go viral.

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10 Things We Learn from the Ten Commandments

“I’m spiritual, but not religious!” is a common phrase, even if this kind of saying is impossible to achieve in practice. Even if you practice...

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10 Things You Should Know about Dementia

Every time Jan came to my office she would smile and tell me old age is not for cowards.

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10 Things You Should Know about God's Incommunicable Attributes

His incommunicable attributes belong to him alone. They are true of him and no other.

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10 Things You Should Know about Motherhood

Motherhood gives glory to Jesus that echoes in eternity. Here are 10 things to know and believe.

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11 Classics Every Christian Should Read

Of course, nothing is more classic than the Bible. Aside from the Holy Bible, however, there are certain books that all Christians who have access...