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Will People With Mental Illness Be Judged Differently for Their Actions?

Episode 540 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about struggling with sin, if the Trinity is biblical, why there are so many different biblical interpretations, and if people with mental illness will be judged differently for their actions.


How to Pray When You’re Struggling to Understand the Bible

Prayer is the means by which we implore the Holy Spirit to take up residence in our study time.​Without prayer, our study is...


What Does It Mean to Submit to One Another in Ephesians 5?

"Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ."


Gospel of John Bible Study (Workbook)

A 10-week Bible study through the Gospel of John (soft-cover workbook). 


Gospel of John Leader’s Edition (e-book)

A 10-week Bible study through the Gospel of John, Leader's Edition (digital e-book). 


Good People Don’t Go to Heaven

Most people today think that in order to go to heaven, you have to be a good person. We have an inner instinct that says bad people deserve punishment and good people deserve reward.


Gospel of John Bible Study (e-book)

A 10-week Bible study through the Gospel of John (digital e-book). 


If the Creeds Aren’t Infallible, Why Use Them?

For nearly two millennia, creeds, confessions, and catechisms have provided the necessary constraints against ignorance and instability. But if they aren't infallible, why even use them?


God’s Gifts in Times of Crisis

One of the most shocking discoveries many people make early on in their Christian journey is that Christians have not been given special immunity from the hardships, troubles, and difficulties of life.


How Even You Can Have a Pure Heart

Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” But how can anyone keep a pure heart? It seems impossible to do, but with God all things are possible.