Will Those Deceived by False Prophets Still Enter the Kingdom of God?

Episode 535 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about Jesus being all-knowing, being deceived by false prophets, Jesus' sinlessness, and the meaning of love.


Does God Judge Those Who Take Communion Without Repentance?

Episode 534 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about Christ's return, receiving the Lord's Supper, Jesus' rebuke of the Pharisees, and how the law ought to be preached.


What I Have Learned from Going to Church Online

At the beginning of the pandemic, lots of pastors were worrying about the future of the church as congregations began contemplating live stream strategies, online Bible studies, and virtual communion.


There Are No Unimportant Parts of the Church

Every few months, my church gathers in the fellowship hall for a slightly different purpose...

ChurchSpiritual Growth

The Blessing of Peacemaking

The world needs peacemakers. Sometimes our cities look like war zones. Even when we aren’t literally on fire, digital media invites the spreading of incendiary words.


Help! My Kids Don’t Like Going to Church

For families with kids, Sunday mornings can be a theater for spiritual drama. Whether you have toddlers who scream that their church shoes pinch, or teenagers who slouch out the door fifteen minutes late, it’s not easy to get to church.


3 Ways God Loves the Church (and You Should Too)

Jim came to our church from prison. Over the decades, his life had taken many turns, but none of them had passed through the door of a gospel-preaching church.


5 Ways God Might Be Displeased with Your Worship

Many people are shocked when they read the account of Nadab and Abihu in Leviticus 10. These two priests offered to the Lord “strange fire” and as a result were killed by God.


The Grace of Presence

Why do video conferences—even those with the best internet connection—feel lacking despite reasonably approximating a table gathering? Why is texting amazingly helpful and frustratingly unsatisfying?


Why the Church Must Become a Cross-Cultural Community

Most of us who have enjoyed Bible studies know the richness of digging into the Scriptures directly with each other. But we rarely do it together. Do we believe that the gospel really has the power to create not only saved individuals but also a saved culture?