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What Makes for a Godly Marriage?

Episode 311| Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions about gentiles being grafted into Israel, the nature of salvation, what it means to watch and pray,...

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4 Truths for Grandparents to Embrace

With the time we have left we plan to reach the next generation in our family.​

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Raising Children in the Word: 3 Things to Remember, 5 Things to Do

Here are three things I try to remember, and five things we are trying to do, in raising children who have an understanding and appreciation...

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An Open Letter to the Parent Who Has Lost a Child

My first word of hope to you: God is a healer.

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How Do I Tell My Wife I Was Abused?

I share stories that took place during over two decades of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse.​ What I didn’t expect was that...

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The Number One Lie the World Tells Our Kids Today

We can boil down the morality and ethics of Western society into one cliché: be true to yourself.​


5 Ways to Help Your Kids Keep the Faith

Do you worry about how to teach your children the Christian faith? Do you wonder what you can do to help them in their faith?​...

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How God Used Conflict with my Father for Good: The Dragon & The Rooster

I’ll never forget the day Dad and I put our wings and claws to rest.​

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5 Myths About Marriage

Most people believe one or more of these myths about marriage. Which ones do you believe?

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How to Pray for Your Unborn Child

Whether you are a brand-new mother or a mother of twelve, it is astonishing that God would grow another one (or more!) of his image...