7 Things to Avoid When Teaching Bible Study

Knowing that they will think critically about my teaching holds me accountable to avoid seven common teaching pitfalls. ​


3 Traits of a Biblical Leader

Despite the lingering image of what we might perceive to be effective leadership—stern, heavy-handed, ruthlessly efficient—the Bible teaches us a better way.


5 Reasons We Don’t Disciple

There's a great need for discipleship in the church but few people who take on the responsibility. Why is that? 


How to Correct Your Opponents Like Paul

Heresy-hunting gets a bad rap nowadays. If there's one thing that nobody wants to be, it's a "heresy-hunter." And who can blame them? I mean, cruise around the Internet and you'll find any number of "discernment" ministries dedicated to finding anybody who doesn't line up with their particular, historically-contingent, possibly cultish understanding of Christianity and placing […]


8 Habits of the Excellent Bible Teacher

I’ve learned that becoming excellent at anything starts with carefully cultivating particular daily habits. Excellence is more about the seemingly small things we do every day than it is about the big things we accomplish in a moment. Here are eight habits that excellent teachers practice every single day.


The Dangers of Faking It in Ministry

The pull to becoming a worse Christian—cold, distant from God, hypocritical, and even involved in burn-down-your-life scandals—is far stronger when you are ministering to others than are the benefits that may accrue by daily association with spiritual things.


God Doesn’t Need Talented People

The apostle Paul, being quite familiar with the church’s craving for powerful personalities, often spoke differently. God doesn't need talented people.


Is It Okay For a Woman to Write Theology and Be Read by Men?

“Do you believe it is okay for a woman to think and write about theology, given she will also be read by men such as myself? If so, why is it not allowed for a woman to preach?”


Why Our Expectations for Teens in the Church Are Way Too Low

We need kids to learn how to be real church members, and we need kids to have good ecclesiology—a good theology of the church. But that means taking them seriously. 


15 Ways to Lead Like Jesus

As Christians in service to God, we are called to a ministry, not a business, and to a vocation, not a paycheck.