Core Christianity

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What to Do When You're Spiritually Bleeding Out

Feel like you're spiritually bleeding out? It is time for a pulse check.

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Parenting in the Power of the Gospel

Why do some children raised in Christian homes grow up loving God, while others, sometimes from the same home, turn away? 

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Growing Up Christian in Secular America

Christians have yet to fully assess the pressures of growing up in a pluralistic society. 

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Walk A Life Unnoticed

We don't know much about the man Enoch. Despite his unremarkable life, Enoch is the second character enshrined in the famous "Hall of Faith" - Hebrews...

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What Freedom From Sin Looks Like in This Life

Sin has this way of reinventing itself and reentering the room just when we think we’ve gotten the door shut.

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What Christians Should Think About the Refugee Crisis and Terrorism

Much fear surrounds the issue of refugees in Germany.  Since 2015, around a million refugees from mostly Islamic countries have streamed in to the country, promising...