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Where God Is Hiding

Advent is a season of waiting, of expecting, of hoping, of trusting.

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Why the Bible Is Not Sexist

There are a lot of difficult passages where it seems like God never defends women. This can cause women to wonder, does God really love...

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How to Prevent the Abuse of Authority in the Church

How do Christian leaders exercise power and authority without abusing it and turning it into something harmful or predatory? 

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7 Ways Jesus' Fulfilled Prophecy at His Advent

Long before we were born, God had appointed for us the One who would be the remedy for every symptom of the sin that would...

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Six-Volume ESV Reader's Bible Giveaway!

Core Christianity has partnered with Crossway to giveaway a Six-Volume ESV Reader's Bible and more this Christmas season! 

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How to Correct Your Opponents Like Paul

Heresy-hunting gets a bad rap nowadays. If there's one thing that nobody wants to be, it's a "heresy-hunter." And who can blame them? I mean,...