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What Does It Mean That We Can Do All Things Through Christ?

HOST AIRED 08-17-22

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Walking in Peace As the School Year Starts Again

BY  POSTED Wednesday, August 17
A new school year is upon us, and for many of us that means feelings of excitement—as well as anxiety. Newness is around every corner. Additional responsibilities start to pile…

We’re All Writing the Stories of Our Lives, but We’re All Failed Authors

BY  POSTED Tuesday, August 16
No matter how bad and sad our story becomes, we’re still reluctant to hand our pen over to a better author. Why? Because we still want to be the writers…

You Need Someone Else’s Armor

BY  POSTED Monday, August 15
Holding a sword may make you feel powerful, but there’s something about holding the sword of a legend from long ago that makes you feel unstoppable.

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