Core Christianity

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Does God Really Invite Everyone?

There was once a great king who threw a wonderful and bountiful feast. 

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The Church Didn’t Start in the New Testament

People often think that the Church began in the New Testament, but this is not completely accurate. 

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God's Promise for Generous Living

God calls Christians to generosity. He calls Christians to give. This challenges me. It challenges everyone. And yet, God blesses us as we participate in...

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4 Tips for Reading the Bible When It's Difficult

One of the difficulties of reading the Bible is the Bible itself. Not only new believers, but old ones as well, often find it tough slogging...

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Why You Don’t Need to Be a Super Saint to Be a Spiritual Mother

No theological expert. No super saint. Just a woman willing to be obedient to the command to mother. There are women in your church who...

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What Genesis 1:1 Teaches Us About Our Sexuality

So I want to take time to unpack five implications of those four words in Genesis 1:1 and apply them to the world of sex....