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Is Sex in a Committed Dating Relationship OK?

BY  POSTED Tuesday, January 25
Episode 888 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about premarital sex, rewards in heaven, the divinity of Jesus, and praying for those who are sick.

Can We Trust A Bible Written by Imperfect People? with Special Guest Dr. Michael Horton

POSTED Friday, April 24
Episode 430 |  Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier with special guest Michael Horton answer questions about why God allowed sin in the first place, the trustworthiness of Scripture, what the…
Church History

5 Non-Negotiables from the Church Fathers on the Incarnation

BY  POSTED Friday, March 23
We sing Christmas carols and hymns about the incarnate deity, and yet many Christians still lack a rudimentary understanding of what took place in the incarnation.

A Time When Christian Baptism Undermined Racism

BY  POSTED Friday, February 26
[…] the early seventeenth century. In her helpful book, The Baptism of Early Virginia: How Christianity Created Race (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015), Rebecca Goetz […]

Evangelism Without All the Pressure

BY  POSTED Thursday, May 20
[…] the feeling. It’s somewhere between a visit to the doctor’s office and auto repairs. I’m referring to the pressure most of us feel to […]
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Why We Can’t Lament Without Listening

BY  POSTED Wednesday, August 26
[…] the Mayflower. A Dutch frigate docked a few miles south of Jamestown, Virginia, with twenty Africans.1Over the next three centuries, the trafficking of Africans […]

Why Study the Books of Joel, Amos, and Obadiah?

BY  POSTED Wednesday, August 5
[…] invading armies or terrorist attacks. We will not fear school shootings or auto accidents. There will be no more cancer or dementia. The world […]

10 Things You Should Know About the Danger of Media

BY  POSTED Monday, February 24
1. Media feed us an endless stream of spectacles that captures human attention and holds fast a collective gaze. A spectacle is a moment of […]
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How Can Parents Foster an Appreciation for Hard Work in Their Children?

POSTED Friday, July 19
[…] up north of Detroit and many of my colleagues worked at the auto industry and they were paid a very fine wage and they […]

How Christians Should Discern the Signs of the Times

POSTED Friday, November 23
[…] him find you at your calling. Let him find you at the auto shop where you're fixing a car, let him find you in […]

Why the Bible Doesn’t Teach Us to Be Colorblind

BY  POSTED Monday, January 15
[…] to address sinful disparities. Much like the theology engineered by the seventeenth-century Virginia planters, colorblind theology leaves racial disparities and biases essentially untouched by […]

7 Ways You Can Join the Fight Against Racism

BY  POSTED Wednesday, August 16
[…] in 1619 when a Dutch ship brought twenty kidnapped Africans to Jamestown, Virginia. By the end of the eighteenth century, some 7 million Africans […]