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The team at Core Christianity developed this study to help you read and understand the Bible. If you’re a new Bible reader, this study will introduce you to its history, key concepts that help tie the Old Testament and the New Testament into one cohesive whole, along with key ideas from main sections. You’ll finish this study more confident in your ability to read the Bible with understanding. If you’re a seasoned reader of the Bible, this study includes nuggets of insight you may have never considered before, it will help refresh your understanding of Scripture as one book (even though it’s made up of sixty-six individual books), and you’ll be equipped to help others grow in their own knowledge of God’s word.

Designed for groups to move through in ten weeks, this study is perfect for a semester or quarterly study. Each weekly lesson includes selected passages from the Bible, reflection questions, and explanations of the key themes every Christian should know about the Bible as a whole.

This study is available as an e-book or soft-cover workbook.